The 10 promises of COD Furnitures

1) We promise to unreservedly share our passion for design. 

2) We promise to manufacture products with high-grade, quality materials.  

3) We promise to produce our furniture with love and to respect an artisan approach.

4) We promise to wrap your items with care and in attractive, secure and verified packaging.  

5) We promise to always be on hand before, during and after your order has been made on our site

6) We promise to do everything we can to ensure your products are delivered by the specified date.  

7) We promise to respond quickly to all of your questions thanks to our customer service that is attentive, cheerful and available.  

8) We promise to always offer the fairest prices on all our products.

9) We promise to never disclose, share or sell your personal data, no matter what the price. 

​10) We promise to always remain true to who we are and these 10 promises.