It was in the north of France the designs for COD Furnitures were dreamt up. Everything started when the brand’s founder, Mathieu FORT, found himself looking for a piece of furniture that was inspired by the 1950s. Disappointed that what he was looking for couldn’t be found on any site or in any furniture magazine, he then decided to design one himself, taking his inspiration from the 50s.


We place a great deal of importance on the choice of materials use to make the pieces at COD Furnitures. Our goal is to offer you solid furniture which is environmentally friendly. All our furniture is made using MDF and solid wood. In fact, so conscious are we of protecting the environment, that for 1 additional euro during your purchase, COD commits to planting a tree as part of the fight against deforestation. A good deed for every piece of furniture!


Absolutely all of the furniture produced by COD Furnitures is made in Leicester, in the United Kingdom. Once the wood has been treated, the planks undergo precision cutting. This new method has enabled superior and more efficient production levels. COD Furnitures items are then assembled by hand in England by our team of craftsmen. Their skills ultimately leading to the creation of a unique item of furniture with an exquisite finish.


All COD Furnitures items can be personalised to our customers’ desire. From the colours of drawers, to the options not forgetting the type of wood, the possibilities are wide-ranging when it comes satisfying lovers of Scandinavian inspired furniture. In total, over 150 combinations are possible, which means every customer can obtain a unique item of furniture with its very own characteristics.


The COD Furnitures collection is synonymous with timelessness. Our vision is to offer furniture which you’ll pass on and is built to last. That’s why the life of each of our pieces, from design to purchase, is traced and logged at In fact, each COD Furnitures item is engraved and numbered before it leaves our workshop. Each item is therefore unique and personal. Thanks to the site, you can record the life story of your item and map its evolution. Remember, you can even alter your item over time, replacing the original drawers with new ones in colours that better suit your redecoration or new interior.