The north of France is where COD Furnitures’ Scandinavian items are dreamt up.  

Driven by a passion for decoration, in 2015 Mathieu Fort decided to launch a line of design furniture.

He draws his inspiration from the pages of design books, more specifically the Scandinavian design of the 50s.

But it’s more than inspiration, it’s passion. So he throws himself into the design of the sort of furniture you don’t see every day. An item which fuses the stylish curves of yesteryear and modern day practicality.

He takes it to the next level, imagining furniture that could be passed on. A piece of furniture which is unique and timeless. He then turns his attention to personalisation. What could be better than a piece of furniture tailored to its times, to its generation?  

It was this blend of ideas that in September 2015 gave rise to the OSS sideboard then its little sister the OSS-SMALL sideboard.


At the beginning of 2016 the range expanded with the arrival of the desk, the buffet, the coffee table and the nightstand.

The Scandinavian collection is now made up of 6 items of furniture, which can be personalised at will. You can make your choice of drawer and door colours, the type of wood and the options. So you see, you have a whole world of choices.